-We can't give tours, and are not open to the public. Kind of an insurance problem, as you can imagine if you have seen the show. We are also always in a rush- not my choice, but that is the way we work.

-I can't accept job applications, as we have a really small crew, and I don't hire them, the production company does. I won't be able to offer advice about how to get this kind of work or any info about things you see on the show. (Except don't try it! We do it so you don't have to)

-Feel free to contact me through email about the show at mythbusters@m5industries.com , but don't expect a reply. I do try to read everything that comes in. But there is so much that I may not have time to respond. In particular I scan for potential new stories, which I forward to production if they seem appropriate. At some point we sift through them and pull the best to look into doing.

-If you are from industry, an organization , or have some non-fan related inquiry, please email jamie@m5industries.com

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